What should I expect as a J-1 participant?

  • All jobs for this program are seasonal and often at hotels, resorts, theme parks, and restaurants
  • Job duties can include housekeeping, lifeguarding, operating rides, busing tables, or handling a register
  • All wages meet the state’s minimum wage, although some are lower wages that then include tips, such as servers or bussers
  • All participants make the same wage as their American counterpart
  • Expect to work an average of at least 32 hours per week (many employers offer overtime, although it is never a guarantee)

What is included in my Job Placement?

  • Direct Placement program option: participants are provided with full details of their placement including information on transportation, housing, and host community
  • Self-Placed program option: participants need to make sure to arrange details with their host organization as this is a self-arranged job.

What additional expenses are not included in my program costs?

  • New job training
  • Uniform cost
  • Transportation to/from airport
  • Transportation to/from work
  • Housing
  • Living expenses such as utilities, personal care items, linens and kitchenware

When placed you should expect to fill out a budget sheet that will allow you to see your true income while on the program.You should familiarize yourself with all the information about how to count your money properly. Research what the denominations (dollars, quarters, dimes, etc.) look like, and practice basic addition and subtraction of dollar amount.  For information about how American currency is converted, please refer to this website: http://www.xe.com/ucc/