J-1 Intern & Trainee

Become a J-1 intern or trainee in the U.S. under the J-1 visa program for international university students, recent graduates, and seasoned professionals.

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    The Career Advancement Program offers international university students, recent graduates and young professionals the opportunity to become an Intern or Trainee with a U.S. business. These structured and guided work-based learning programs offer the chance for cultural immersion in the United States and professional development in the intern’s or trainee’s specific academic or occupational field.

    CCI Greenheart is designated by the U.S. Department of State as a J-1 Visa sponsor, and is eligible in these J-1 Exchange Visitor Programs in the following categories:

    Sample Industries:
    Arts & Culture Visual Arts, Entertainment and Film, Performing Arts and Music,
    Publishing, Community Cultural Organizations
    Business, Management,
    Finance & Commerce 
    Advertising Firms, Software Companies, Financial Institutions,
    Market Research Firms
    Hospitality & Tourism Hotels and Resorts, Ski Lodges, Restaurants, Culinary Arts,
    Travel Agencies
    Information Media &
    Graphic Design and Web Development, Marketing, Advertising and
    Copy Writing, Public Relations, TV, Radio and Newspapers, Database
    Information Management
    Agriculture, Forestry,
    & Fishing
    Farm Operations,  Horticulture, Conservation Groups, Environmental
    Science, Landscape Architecture, Agritourism
    Public Administration &
    Government Agencies, Law Firms, Criminal Investigations, Consulting,
    Industrial Relations, Foreign Affairs and International Policy
    Sciences, Engineering,
    Architecture, Mathematics,
    & Industrial
    Research Labs, Forensics, Automotive Companies, Architecture Firms,
    Urban Design


    Program Details

    The following items are included in the program:*

    • J-1 visa sponsorship
    • Medical insurance
    • Application processing
    • Web/phone interview with CCI Greenheart and/or host organization
    • Continuous CCI Greenheart support while in the U.S.
    • Host organization screening
    • Site visit to host organization, if required
    • Identification of housing leads
    • Cultural support, opportunities, and advice
    • Membership in the Greenheart Club for volunteers

    *Varies, depending on which program option is chosen

    Program Placement Options

    Self-placed (SP): Participants arrange their own training or internship with a U.S. host organization and are responsible for securing their own accommodation.

    CCI Greenheart only offers the SELF-PLACED option at this time and is not able to assist candidates in finding a placement.

    Inquire Now

    CCI Greenheart’s Intern & Trainee programs are now accepting applications for the 2017 calendar year. Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2016 calendar year. If you have general questions regarding the Intern or Trainee programs, please send us an email at CAP@ccigreenheart.org.