Student Testimonials

Check out what students are saying about Greenheart Exchange's ESL summer camp in California.

Student Testimonials
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“We went to Alcatraz, it was amazing to visit one of the most famous jails in the world. The audio tour was great, telling stories of famous prisoners like Al Capone. We went to 6 flags amusement park, each of us had lots of fun riding the roller coasters, my favorite one was Medusa!” –Stan, 17 year old student from France

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“Now I think that the world is a team. We need to work together to make changes and make a better world in the future. We need to make changes now and take initiative to just help others, work like a team and try to do everything that you do as best as you can.” –Ana Maria, 14 year old student from Colombia




“It’s the best, best camp and he (sean) wish to have the opportunity to study university in USA. And also he now has a best friend from this camp. All of his wonderful memories are the best gift to him.” –Jennifer Chou – Mother of Sean, 15 year old student from Taiwan




“We were 23 students in total and each and every one of us were different from the others as we came from different countries and different cultures. Each student contributed to creating a comfortable environment that came to feel like home. The staff became part of our little family as they were unique and loyal individuals that taught us not only how to grow as global leaders but also how to grow as persons.” –Andrea, 17 year old student from Spain


“I learned lots of speaking skills and lots of new words. I think this trip helped me speak fluent English. All of the activities were very fun. I enjoyed all the time. Greenheart Exchange helps me improve my English level and makes me happy and not alone.” –Daniel, 17 year old student from China




“The summer camp which was in California, USA was a life changing experience. Every day was a new adventure. While I was there I studied a lot of things, for example; the history of the USA. I learned a lot of useful things which will help me in the future. In addition, I learned how to depend on myself and become truly independent, how to organize my time, how to communicate well and make a relationships with peers from around the world. Moreover, my English language improved. I am really happy because I had a lot of friends from around the world.” –Shouq, 16 year old student from United Arab Emirates

gec-testimonial-rebecca“I think that I will use this experience and what I learned in the future. Because in this camp I learn many words and common sayings. These things are really useful for the future. In this experience I came alone so I think that after this I’m more sure of me and this is great.” –Rebecca, 15 year old student from Italy/Switzerland



“I’m really impressed that you guys mix so many fun and educational activities into ESL camp, not just lessons. I can see that would make them learn with great interest. She (Nana) loves her teachers and her roommates on the camp. She speak mostly English in the camp. I’m so happy she has learned so much in the camp!” –Zoe Chen – Aunt of Nana, 15 year old student from Taiwan


gec-testimonial-clement“I will stay in America for high school to study, so what I learned here will help me a lot in the future. I know some cultural things about America, so when American students say some jokes I can understand.” –Clement, 17 year old student from China