F-1 Visa Program

The F-1 Visa program offers foreign exchange students superior academic quality, small class sizes, and diverse extracurricular offerings.

F-1 Visa Program
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    • The F-1 visa high school program allows exchange students to choose where they can live and study.
  • If you are seeking an exchange program in the United States that is tailored to your academic goals and personal preferences, our F-1 Visa High School Program is for you. This program provides international students placement in one of many private schools across the U.S. that fits their needs. This richly rewarding experience will offer students superior academic quality, small class sizes, as well as diverse extracurricular offerings.

    On the F-1 Visa program you can select the geographic location in addition to a specific school or school district. All F-1 participants live with welcoming local host families and can stay for one semester or multiple years. At select schools, you may also be able to graduate with a high school diploma within one year.

    F-1 High School Program Basics

    • Be between 14 and 18 years old
    • Average grades (C) or better
    • Intermediate to advanced English
    • Social maturity and flexibility, willingness and capability of becoming a fully participating member of an American host family

    Chicago Welcome Weekend

    The Chicago Welcome Weekend is an optional add-on for F-1 high school participants. It’s a one-week orientation in Chicago with sightseeing and volunteer activities.

    Get Started

    First, complete the “Get Started” inquiry form to let us know you’re interested. We don’t accept direct applicants to the F-1 high school program; we work with established international partners who help us recruit and promote our program. If we have a partner in your home country, we will send you their contact information to get you started.