Greenheart Club

Take your exchange experience a step further by volunteering with your host community!

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    • Make a positive impact on your host community by volunteering with the Greenheart Club!
  • Volunteer with Greenheart

    Join a network of global leaders and give back to your community. Greenheart equips you with incentives and opportunities to connect with fellow leaders and learn about issues facing the U.S. through service. Once you volunteer, you are able to enter your hours in the Greenheart Club website giving you the chance to receive the following awards:

    If you volunteer and enter your hours on the Greenheart Club website, you are also eligible to apply for a Greenheart Service Grant.

    If you are on program, register and sign into your Greenheart Club account through your Greenheart Exchange Online (GEO) account.

    If you are a Greenheart Exchange alumni, login or register here.