What is the School to School Exchange (SSE) Program?

In short, it is a reciprocal exchange program for high schools. Your school hosts a group of international high school students and then, within the same school year, those students who hosted will travel to visit their exchange buddy.

On both ends students stay with volunteer host families from the school and participate in school visits and activities which teachers organize.

When does the program take place?

Most US schools host early in the fall and travel over their spring break. However, we try to accommodate customized programs as much as possible so hosting and travel dates can be at any time during the school year as long as it is mutually agreeable to both schools involved.

Can we travel in the summer?

Probably not. Because this is a school sponsored trip that teachers and faculty are volunteering to coordinate, the majority of exchanges must take place during the course of one academic school year.

How much does the program cost?

Programs range in cost between $1800-2300 based on a number of other factors but our average exchange in 2016 cost $1900 per student participant.

How do you decide the program cost?

80% of the program price is dependent on the cost of the flight. Program prices include round trip flights, medical/accident insurance, administrative assistance throughout the planning and execution of the program. We formulate program costs based on each schools travel details to ensure we are offering them the lowest price possible.

Additionally most US schools collect around $150+ extra per participating student, to provide funding for the activity/transport expenses for the visiting expense. (The international school you are matched with will do the same on their end.)

Can’t I just do this on my own?

Possibly. Many schools prefer or require the support of an outside organization. Greenheart Exchange offers 30 years of experiences and assistance to schools including the following services:

  • Procuring the lowest and most flexible prices for group reservations
  • Liability insurance and 24/7 emergency support
  • Medical/accident insurance as well as assistance processing any claims
  • International partners in the country of travel able to assist in case of emergency
  • Customizable program and recommended vendors

Can I take my students to _____________________?

Currently U.S. schools seeking an exchange outside of Spain will be considered on a case by case basis. We are always willing and able to pursue new locations, but we might need extra time to find a suitable partner for your school.

What is required of student participants?

We leave this up to the Teacher Coordinator and school. Some teachers require two years of Spanish, a special project to be submitted at the end of the exchange. We request that all student participants are in good standing academically and host families have attended orientation meetings in person.

How do I learn more/sign up for the program?

Complete an inquiry and a Greenheart staff member will be in touch with you! Please note that, ultimately, the program depends on the approval of a principal or school administrator.