By: Mathis, a CCI Greenheart High School Exchange Student

Hello, my name is Mathis and I am a high school exchange student from Luxembourg who lives now in Boise, Idaho.

Two weeks before I came here to my host family, I had participated on the Exchange Orientation Program in Chicago. Everything went nicely, all the staff and the supervisors were very nice, funny and kind! So after 10 hours of flight, a lot of German exchange students and me landed at the airport in Chicago. I was really amazed of the big city -the view, the skyline and everything was so stunning! Furthermore, our hostel was in the middle of the city.

During the following three days, all the exchange students had a great time! We went through the city for sightseeing ( we had a tour with high school students who helped us in the scavenger hunt that guided us through the city ). In the morning or afternoon, the Greenheart staff informed us about the American way of life and how we are expected to participate in the program. They also  gave us a lot of information about school, rules, volunteering, etc… So it was a great way to get an orientation about “our best year” in America! I would really recommend it for all the exchange students in future!

Nevertheless, I liked best the volunteering action in the soup kitchen! It was so fun and it was also very educational.

To conclude, during the three days, I met a lot of new friends for life and we are still staying in contact and it was an amazing experience! The staff was always funny, kind and very helpful and I think that the Chicago Welcome Program is very helpful for the exchange students!

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