By Molly Vidmar, J-1 High School Program Manager

Nina from Germany was inspired to volunteer because of her love of sports and children. Nina coached young girls in handball in Germany, so when she came to the US, she decided to do a similar activity to meet her volunteering requirement.

“Every Tuesday I help to coach the 4-6 year old boys and girls in soccer. One of my best friends here in Michigan, is a German exchange student as well, and she lived for 5 months with a German-American couple. I heard that my friend’s host mom is a soccer coach for young kinds, so I asked if I can come with her to the soccer practice. I was interested because I coach young girls in Handball in Germany. So I went with her and watched the practice and the next times I went there I helped to coach them and played the games with them. It is a lot of fun and the kids are so funny (and a little exhausting), especially when they start to trust you and talk to you and be naughty. They are still pretty young, so we play a lot of games and try to teach them the basics to play soccer, like kicking the ball correctly,” Nina shared about her volunteering experience.

Not only do these kids learn the basics of soccer, they get to know a coach from around the globe who teaches them about her home country.

“All of them know that I’m from Germany and they sometimes ask how it is like in Germany. I like how the four, five or six year old boys and girls just don’t care where you come from and they talk to you like to anybody else and are actually pretty interested in the “different country”. I love my volunteer work and that I’m a part of training the future best soccer players of America ;)” she said.

These kids are lucky to have a dedicated coach who practices with them every week and exchanges her culture with them. Nina loves making a difference in the lives of young kids and has fun with them too!

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