As an exchange student, I feel a great responsibility to my country. I will do my best to be able to look from the airplane window over the Atlantic ocean after this year, smile and say, "I made it!”

Now is the time to seize the day! Initiative is the power or opportunity to act or take charge independently, or before others do. Read about how Nutsa from the Republic of Georgia took initative in finding a volunteer opportunity that she is passionate about in her community:

The day after  I arrived in US I left on a road trip to the western  states with my host family. I started volunteering at the  Humane Society of Utah where I helped clean cages, groomed cats, walked and watered dogs. After returning to Wisconsin, I realized I had to use my free time before school started as productively as possible. However, I didn’t know the area and how I could fulfill my goal. Fortunately, modern technology, particularly the internet, lets us overcome barriers and take daring steps to success. So I decided to send emails to some organizations around my home to let them know I was looking for a place to volunteer. One of these organization was  St. Joseph’s hospital. They sent me  an email saying they would love to help me.

The next day, I went to the hospital to meet a representative and she told me about their open positions. One of the opportunities was assisting visitors  at urgent care registration. I was really excited about doing this because interacting with the public would help me improve my English. This hospital is far away from where I live but it was not an obstacle for me as my host family aided me. I ride a bike to the hospital and back. I provide a vital service that adds to the comfort of patients, families and to all who enter the facility. I  keep  families informed of  patient progress and offer them coffee, water and hospitality. I also give directions and escort patients and families to the right location and clean chairs and tables with sanitizer. I meet a lot of new people every day. Words can’t describe the feeling of helping  people and receiving their gratitude. I also share my culture with the people I work with by showing them pictures of my country and telling them about Georgia. This and other factors encourage me to continue working with doughtiness. I also have some opportunities to be a volunteer in my school and other organizations, that I will definitely take advantage of.

Volunteering is one of the most important parts of my exchange year. It helps me get involved, adapt to my new environment and be beneficial to my community. All of us has an obligation to society, regardless of whether we are in our country or abroad. Volunteering is the most pleasant way for me to fulfill this obligation.

As an exchange student, I feel a great responsibility to my country. It’s my goal to be a successful student and represent my country properly. Naturally, it’s not easy, but if you can start fearlessly, the next steps are going to be easier. I am planning on doing a lot of presentations and projects and feel so happy that I have people who are always ready to help me.

I will do my best to be able to look from the airplane window over the Atlantic ocean  after this year, smile and say, “I made it!”

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