by Kat Lipson, Grant Programs Director

Anastasia Shiversikha, an alumna of the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program was awarded a $1000 grant to create a 4 day Workshop and a New Year’s Festival for underprivileged youth from around the world. Along with The Civic Assistance Committee, the oldest Russian civil society organization providing legal, social and humanitarian support to refugees and forced migrants, she organized the event for over 70 youth ages 5 to 19. She explained that the Center’s activity is aimed at the educational, psychological, social and cultural adaptation of refugee and migrant children. During 2015 the Center served youth from Afghanistan, Syria, Africa, Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan), and Ukraine.

Anastasia created a training that focused on the importance of education and provided the students with instruction and tools for learning English. She used this forum as an opportunity to inform the group on the FLEX program, explaining to the participants that this program is a full scholarship opportunity that they can all apply for. Lastly, she did a presentation on volunteering, and shared the importance of doing service. She hopes that all of the workshop participants will be involved in the upcoming Global Youth Service Day (April 15-17), and worldwide initiative to engage youth in community service. She also managed to use part of the funding from the Alumni Grant to organize a New Year Festival, that was devoted to the story of Robin Hood, where the volunteers prepared a short theatre performance, along with a variety of activities, which were followed by a meal, and of course, giving presents!