"From the beginning, I figured out that people are interested in the huge mysterious eastern country I come from, so I got the idea of establishing a club to introduce my culture. "

Exchange students come to the United States to learn about American culture. When Jay from China arrived, he found that many students wanted to learn more about Chinese culture, so he started a Chinese club at his school called the Han Club and quickly learned that American students get mutual benefits from cultural exchange. He taught interested students about many things, including architecture, wood carving, festivals, the dragon and lion dances, Chinese opera, common misunderstandings, and explained the tonal nature of the Mandarin language. He even translated Chinese songs into English and explained their meaning.

In the first few meetings, Jay had some difficulty presenting in English and by the last meeting, people told him that his English had greatly improved.  To make his club presentations, Jay was inspired to research things he didn’t know about China and gained a deeper understanding of his culture.

Jay was also featured on his high school’s news site. A February meeting was about how China celebrates the Lunar New Year:


Read about the last Han Club meeting of the school year here: