To know them was to love them.

Recently, a two time short term host family with CCI Greenheart shared their experience hosting Japanese students to help them with their English skills prior to their yearlong exchange in the United states:

We are Barb and Harry, a retired couple in Columbus, Ohio.  Harry has gifts as a tour guide and Barb was a language major so we are a perfect duo to entertain an out of country guest.  Machi and Minami have been our two students.  Both provided a core spot of love in the home.  We all thrived in this relationship.  Both Machi and Minami’s stays with with us were the highlights of our last two summers.  They both shared their culture with us with numerous gifts and photos and a Skype session with family in Japan.  It was as if we had a new daughter for three weeks.  Minami even called us “mommy” and “daddy” which melted our hearts.  A memorable event with Minami was going to the Franklin Park Conservatory to see a paper and metal origami exhibition.  Turns out our Minami is a gifted origamist who secretly made us about 25 different colorful paper sculptures and left them on her bed for us when we returned from taking her to the airport.  We are old and appreciated the girls’ helpful attitudes.  Harry is a stamp collector and he adored working with Minami on a  presentation about Japanese Stamps for the class.  It tickled our funny bone that both girls made chicken curry rice for us and both read “The Ransom of Red Chief” for homework.  Both girls were enthusiastic, respectful, positive and, dare I say, angelic beings.  To know them was to love them.

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