Jamie Corliss, F-1 High School Program Administrative Assistant

“The most rewarding thing was definitely getting accepted by NYU because it showed that all my effort had paid off.”

F-1 High School student Rodrigo has just made the big decision to extend his stay in the US for another four years as he pursues his interest in Economics and Mathematics at New York University. After spending a year at a small school in New Hampshire, Rodrigo was drawn to NYU for the many opportunities New York City has to offer and believes that attending NYU will be, “an experience that will give you much to learn outside the classroom.”

Reflecting on his CCI Greenheart experience this past year, Rodrigo feels that an education in the US has a lot to offer, which helped him make the decision to stay for college. Though he fully committed to his decision to pursue a US college education by applying to 16 colleges and universities, Rodrigo laments some of the differences between schools in the US and his home country of Mexico. “Students have less freedom in America,” he feels, which can often be a good source of guidance, but he says, “I believe that the way we do it in Mexico helps students become more independent and prepared for college.” Rodrigo also addresses the major differences in the college application process in Mexico where standardized tests are not the norm and students are accepted on the basis of a single admissions exam or the caliber of the high school they attend.

“I believe Americans put their best on whatever they do and this helps them accomplish better things.”

While discussing his decision to attend NYU Rodrigo says, “I believe Americans put their best on whatever they do and this helps them accomplish better things.” With this sentiment, Rodrigo has worked hard to succeed in the US. Though he often misses his close relationship with his family back in Mexico and the companionship of his dog, he is buoyed by the reward of his college acceptances and new friends and he wants to put into action the lessons he has learned during his F-1 experience in the US.

Rodrigo spent the last year surrounded by the small community of Bishop Brady High School, but that didn’t stop him from finding lots to do in and out of the classroom. Since arriving to the US he has dedicated himself to staying busy with activities, clubs, sports, and getting to know new people. Rodrigo has made lots of great connections at his school, with his host family, and with other exchange students and he has really taken to heart the advice he would offer prospective Greenheart students: “Always try to be friendly, thankful and smile at people. They will appreciate this and treat you better and soon you will be surrounded by new nice people who care about you and teach you a lot.”

Like the many F-1 High Schools we work with, colleges and universities in the US offer a wide variety of opportunities and experiences. If you are a CCI Greenheart Student or Alumni considering or attending a college in the US, send your stories to us at privateschool@ccigreenheart.org!