Add your voice in support of cultural exchange!


As members of the Greenheart Exchange community, many of us work with, interact with, and probably are, or were, participants in cultural exchange. On an almost daily basis we are able to see the impact of this program on the participants, host employers, and the host communities. It’s now time to ask yourself, have you shared these stories or experiences with others?

By sharing your positive stories and expressing your support for exchanges, you are acting as an advocate!

For over 50 years, the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program has brought international college students and young professionals to the United States to learn about American culture and meet real Americans. These exchange programs continue to enhance America’s diplomatic success and national security by improving the perception of the United States in the eyes of future leaders from more than 90 countries.

The programs also add significantly to the U.S. economy. They support seasonal businesses in tourist, vacation, and resort communities. They bring future business leaders to intern and train with American companies, creating new international partnerships.

Most importantly, J-1 programs have allowed us to build our global Greenheart Exchange community and contribute towards a more connected and peaceful world.

Read our Advocacy e-zine for more information on how you can be an advocate for cultural exchange in your community.

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