Summer 2013

wt-ambassador-scholar_MohammadAbuHassishMohammad Abu Hashish, Jordan
Originally from Amman, Jordan, Mohammad has completed the Work & Travel once before. He has experience volunteering with his university at senior citizen centers and orphanages all throughout Jordan. This year he will be placed in Virginia.

“The last time I went to the U.S. work and travel, it really had added a lot to my life in many aspects. It made me feel like a different person, since I felt I became more responsible, reliable and independent.”

wt-ambassador-scholar_Qinyan-GuoQinyan Guo, China
Hailing the northern city of Changchun, Qinyan (known as Carly), loves American culture.

“What interested me most are the charities in America. People in America put charities in a very important position. I hope we can learn that and use it in China.” This year Qinyan will be in North Dakota. Read more fromQinyan’s blog. “I have learned that volunteering is not only about being green or doing something for free, it is also about inspiring people. It is an attitude. Everybody can be a volunteer. By picking up a piece of garbage, encouraging people, or even showing a big smile to a stranger, one can be a volunteer. Everyone has a green heart, no matter how old a person is or where they are. Go volunteer! Go Greenheart!”

wt-amabassador-scholar_Dan-HouDan Hou, China
Also Originally from Changchun, Dan (known as Felicity), is new to the Work & Travel program. Having volunteered with her university in China, she is most excited to learn about environmental practices in the United States to take back to China. This year Dan will be in Pennsylvania. Read more from Dan’s blog.

“I have told all my Chinese friends back at home how much fun I am having in Harrisburg! I am so appreciative of this journey. Thank you CCI Greenheart and everyone!”

paxpg_SushaniaPryce(1)Sushania Pryce, Jamaica
Sushania is from St. Mary, Jamaica. Sushania is a previous Greenheart Club All-Star, volunteering at the local American public library during her previous two years on the program. She even logged enough hours to earn grant money to create a volunteer project at the local Children’s hospital in Jamaica. Sushania returns to Maine this year. Read more about Sushania’s adventures in her blog.

“My life isn’t about what people can do for me, but what I can do for others.”

wt-ambassador-scholar-Konrad-RaksaKonrad Raksa, Poland
Hailing from the Polish city, Radomsko, Konrad is studying for his Master’s degree in Economics. Excited to improve his English and understand in greater detail about American businesses, Konrad will return to the United States for the second time. This year he will be in Pennsylvania. Enjoy reading more about Konrad in hisblog.

“I will try to persuade my friends to do this program, because it is the best way to fulfill their dreams about America.”

wt-ambassador-scholar-Ewelina-ZdjeciaEwelina Socha, Poland
Originally from Odrzykoń, Ewelina has completed the Work & Travel once before. She particularly likes to read American literature during her breaks from studying for her Master’s degree in Economics. This year she will be placed in Pennsylvania. Follow Ewelina on her Work and Travel journey.

“I think that the Summer Work Travel it is the best chance for international students to gain experience in the United States. I was able to earn enough money to see wonderful places and discover new cultures. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone, because it was an unforgettable experience for me.”

wt-ambassador-scholar-Orville-TomlinsonOrville Tomlinson, Jamaica
Hailing from Kingston, Orville is very active in school and public diplomacy back in Jamaica. An avid fan of the sports Cricket and Basketball, Orville also loves to give back to his community in Jamaica by helping young children learn to read. This year he will be placed in Maine. Read Orville’s blog as he works and travels in the United States.

“This has helped to change my life in a number of ways. All the lessons learnt, memories and friendships created will be with me for a long time. Thank you CCI Greenheart for the exposure given to me. I will sure be involved in volunteerism wherever life takes me from here on.”