Summer 2015 Ambassador Scholars

ambassador scholarYuliia Arsentieva, Poland and Ukraine
As a Work and Travel first timer, Yuliia is excited to put her journalism skills to use as an Ambassador Scholar. Originally from Ukraine, Yuliia cannot wait to start adding new photos and videos to her Ambassador blog. Her goal is to encourage people to act and make the world better! She will be working in Massachusetts.

“I am convinced that every little help can change someone’s life so people shouldn’t be indifferent. Many groups of people need volunteer assistance[…]to lend them a hand is a noble act which they will never forget.”

Tomas-HunacekTomas Hunacek, Czech Republic
Tomas is getting his Master’s degree in computer science and hopes to eventually work for a technology company in the United States. He volunteers at a local orphanage and is looking forward to helping out in Myrtle Beach where he will be staying. He is looking forward to volunteering with the homeless and has multiple projects planned for his stay in the United States.

“I’ve always dreamed of going to the United States of America because I’ve been fascinated by American culture and lifestyle since I was a kid. I adore their positive attitude – it inspires me every single day and I try to involve it into my ordinary life […] I’m proud to be an active volunteer. Helping makes me a better man and I’m always willing to give my hand to anybody because only after helping life makes sense to me.”

Kateryna-KrysiukKateryna Krysiuk, Poland and Ukraine
As a member of the Association of International Students (AIS) of Poland, Kateryna has helped provide toys and books for children in a local orphanage. She is now eager to improve her professional skills as she leads her Greenheart Service Project during her time with the Work and Travel program in New Jersey.

“For me, Volunteerism is a way to help not only people in need, but also the environment and the animals. […] That’s when the world will be a better place when people learn to do good things not only for themselves but also for others. For me it would be interesting to find out what is Volunteerism in America.”

Kenan-KuncKenan Kunc, Turkey
Kenan hopes to facilitate his Greenheart Service Project by organizing a seminar for children to share with them the importance of caring about our planet both while participating in the Work and Travel Program in his host community and upon his return to Turkey. He is looking forward to learning more about American culture throughout his stay in South Dakota.

“In Volunteerism you can’t expect anything, except helping people and the environment.”

Dmytro-KuzmychenkoDmytro Kuzmychenko, Poland and Ukraine
Originally from Ukraine, Dmytro is studying in a Polish university. As an Ambassador Scholar, he will be staying in Massachusetts for the first time through the Work and Travel program. With a passion for volunteering, he is currently involved in efforts to send medicine and goods to Ukrainian soldiers. He is looking forward to leading a Greenheart Service Project in his American host community.

“I am proud to know that my help is a little part […] volunteering is a chance to see that there are people around that are always ready to help. It may be true that no one person can solve all the world’s problems but what you can do is make that little corner of the world where you live just a bit better.”

Jun-LiJun Li (Elaine), China
Having been on the program twice before, Jun (American nickname is Elaine) is eager to represent the Work and Travel program this year as an Ambassador Scholar. She is pleased to have the opportunity to facilitate volunteer projects and coordinate them during her stay in Pennsylvania. As a keen storyteller and writer, Elaine loves to learn more about society and culture through the written word.

“Volunteerism is not just a way to help others but a way to help me too. Through volunteering my time, I have gained more friends and more knowledge while helping others. For me, it’s a win-win.”

Chongyang-MaChongyang Ma (Delta), China
Also from China, Chongyang (American nickname is Delta) is excited to work in America and see the world through different eyes. She is planning on awarding a “Greenheart Cup” for a cooking competition between Chinese and American students. She wants to advocate Greenheart’s culture of service through several activities about American and Chinese culture. A frequent volunteer at her local hospital and university, Delta will be staying in Hyannis, Massachusetts as an Ambassador Scholar.

“I love volunteering so much. It makes me feel happy and gives a sense of accomplishment. I love helping people and I think volunteering is a great way to show my thankful to those who have helped me and do something nice to others in need.”

Ramon-Molina-MendezRamon Molina Mendez, Dominican Republic
Ramon has been a student with the Work and Travel program twice before. Every month, he takes money out to donate supplies and other items to local hospitals to volunteer in his native Dominican Republic with his family and friends. He also supported a local volleyball team in his community for children and adolescents to have a place to go after school.

“Coming to the USA as a J-1 visa student has allowed me to do nice things for the community and encourage others. When I volunteer, I see it as giving a part of myself to others. I love making other people feel better about themselves and help them reach their goals.”

Nattawat-SakvimonpornNattawat Sakvimonporn, Thailand
Nattawat is from Thailand and will be staying in Tennessee with the Ambassador Scholars program. He is a mechanical engineering student who is very active in his university. He assists with mentoring and helping high school students who come to take college level classes. As an accomplished and professional student, Nattawat is an ideal addition to the program. He is looking forward to teaching math and science to local students in his community.

“I like ‘Humanism’. It is like believe in ourselves so we can create something unbelievable with our self-esteem. By knowing about humanism I feel that we are all capable of anything.”

Jenelle-SolomanJenelle Soloman, Jamaica
Jenelle has an impressive volunteering background with her local hospital and with children in her community. She will be working in Indiana Beach and is also from Jamaica. She helps teach fourth grade at a nearby primary school and is the Vice President for the African Cultural Renaissance Movement at her university. With over 300 members, Jenelle helps lead the club in outreach activities and volunteer projects.

“Volunteerism can be thought of as an expression of the degree of moral and civic unity of a society. It is a way to give back to the community, for some it is their everyday life and for others it is just something that they want to do. Some people naturally have a strong desire to help others and this is their motivation towards volunteerism, others use it is a window of opportunity to help another.”

Ondrej-SvatosOndrej Svatos, Czech Republic
Ondrej is from the Czech Republic and has worked in the U.S. for two summers with the Work and Travel program. With an incredible knowledge of the program, Ondrej is also an ambassador at home through his university. As a Work and Travel veteran, Ondrej will be an Ambassador Scholar in Myrtle Beach and will be volunteering throughout the area. He hopes to meet new and interesting people and make a valuable impact on society.

“There is no favorite part of American culture for me […]all parts are my favorite. I really admire American’s pride to their country and the way they show it to their neighbors and the world.”

Marek-RuzickaMarek Ruzicka, Slovakia
Marek is a student currently getting his Master’s degree and a Work and Travel veteran from 2012. This will be his second time in Pennsylvania. He says he is looking forward to volunteering and representing Greenheart as an Ambassador Scholar because “[…] there is always something to do.” He has experience volunteering in his community cleaning up parks and outdoor areas.

“While in a job you expect a salary, in volunteering I expect something like soul satisfaction. There is a certain satisfaction in helping somebody or creating something without expecting anything back.”

Sandu-TincuSandu Trincu, Moldova
Sandu is a first time Work and Travel participant and will be spending the summer in the United States. He has spent a considerable amount of time volunteering at a local hospital in Moldova. This experience and his go-getter attitude are representative of a promising Ambassador. Scholar. He recently put together a group of faculty members to discuss the possible restoration of some rundown buildings and monuments in his area.

“Volunteering will be an experience of interacting with people of different nationalities and different cultures which for me will be a brand new and exciting experience. I am 100% sure this summer will make a mark in my memory and these memories will stay for many years.”