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Host Foreign Exchange Students in the U.S.

Get Involved in Cultural Exchange in the U.S.

Want to make a difference in the lives of international students right here in the U.S.? CCI Greenheart has a number of ways you can bring cultural exchange to your U.S. community.

U.S. Businesses Hire Seasonal Staff 

Hire Seasonal Staff or Interns/Trainees

Internationalize your workplace by hiring international student workers or hosting interns or trainees.

Host an Exchange Student 

Host an Exchange Student

Bring the world home by hosting a CCI Greenheart exchange student for an academic year, semester, or for a few weeks during the summer.


Local Coordinators in the U.S. 

Become a Local Coordinator 

Advocate for cultural exchange and learn more about our local coordinator positions.

Cultural Exchange Programs for International Participants

Learn more about our J-1 visa programs for international high school or university students as well as our short-term English language and culture programs.

Work Programs in the U.S. 

Work Programs

CCI Greenheart organizes a variety of programs that introduce international participants to American culture and businesses by allowing them to live, work or train in the United States as Summer Work Travel participants, or Interns and Trainees

High School in the U.S. 

High School Programs

Study high school in the U.S. through CCI Greenheart's Academic Year/Semester
 or Private School Placement programs. Short-term Group Programs are great for intensive ESL classes. CCI Greenheart administers FLEX and YES, two U.S. government  grant programs for high school students.

ESL & American Culture 

ESL and American Culture

If you are a teacher or organizer of student travel programs, you can design your own group program with CCI Greenheart. Programs combine excursions and activities with either ESL summer camp or visits to local schools.




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