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Host a Foreign Exchange Student

We invite you to share your life to change another by hosting a CCI Greenheart exchange student!

  • Make the lifelong dream of a foreign exchange student come true.

  • Enrich the lives of your family and those in your community.

  • Contribute in a significant way to global peace and understanding. 

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Why CCI Greenheart?
  • Since 1985, CCI Greenheart has helped place over 20,000 international exchange students with families seeking to host a foreign exchange student.

  • We are the only "green" organization that connects people and planet by practicing sustainability by encouraging all foreign exchange participants to volunteer and give back to their community.

  • The CCI Greenheart foreign exchange student program currently has international students from over 60 countries available for host families. 
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Or call 800-634-4771
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“When we agreed to be a host family in CCI Greenheart's foreign exchange student program, we really didn't know what to expect. It has been one of most rewarding experiences of our lives. My wife and I ended up gaining a son and our daughters gained a brother. Mads is a new family member who will be part of our family for years to come.” – Mike, a CCI Greenheart host dad in Illinois 


Learn About a CCI Greenheart Exchange Student's Experience:   





If your family is interested in hosting a foreign exchange student, please complete the Host Family Inquiry Form. You will then be contacted by someone in your area who will answer all of your questions and provide you more information.

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Thank you for your interest in changing the lives of international exchange students and making a difference in your community! 

The Department of State implemented a toll free number (1-866-283-9090) for secondary school students, which was effective August 1, 2009. The toll free number can be used by host families, exchange students and the public to report circumstances impacting the students’ health, safety and well being during their exchange visitor programs. You may also email the Department at jvisas@state.gov.  



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Hosting an exchange student is an experience of a lifetime. Learn how to become a host family!

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