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Summer Program Hiring Information

CCI Greenheart Work Programs offer a variety of free hiring events to fulfill all your J-1 seasonal hiring needs.

Summer Season Details


Participants are from all over the world including

  • Asia
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East

Dates: Generally, participants are available for work May through October

Recruitment Deadline: April 13

Social Responsibility: Learn more about Greenheart, our social and environmental initiative.

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Hiring Options   

International Job Fairs   Virtual Job Fairs  

In collaboration with our overseas sending partners, CCI Greenheart offers U.S. businesses the opportunity to travel to countries all over the globe to conduct their seasonal hiring. At CCI Greenheart job fairs, employers interview pre-screened applicants who are excited and knowledgeable about your job offer.

Employers hiring 10 or more participants are eligible to travel. If you have specific country requests, we'll do our best to meet them, just let us know.

2014 Schedule - Country Guides 


Don't have the time or staff to travel overseas to interview students? CCI Greenheart brings you to Chicago to complete your hiring process and to enjoy our wonderful city!

Join us in Chicago

Virtual Job Fairs include: 

  • Venue and guidance for international interviews
  • Accommodations at a boutique hotel
  • Delightful excursion
  • An oppotunity to get to know the CCI Greenheart staff

Custom Hiring Options 

From the comforts of your office, check our secured recommendation system to fulfill your hiring needs and choose from hundreds of qualified candidates!


For More Information

If you are interested in hiring Work & Travel participants for your business, please complete the Employer Inquiry Form or call CCI Greenheart at 866-684-WORK.