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Be Prepared! Severe Storms Forecast for the Northeast U.S.

The forecast is predicting strong and severe storms to hit the Northeastern United States Thursday night. CCI wants be be sure that our participants are aware of the dangers of severe storms and what they can do to help prepare. Please see the following precautions posted on Weather.com. If you have any questions or concerns please contact CCI

From Weather.com (please visit Weather.com for up-to-date information) 7/26/2012: 

Now is the time to prepare for the threat of severe weather. Thursday's thunderstorms have the potential to produce widespread straight-line wind damage, so keep these tips in mind (and share them with your friends and family):

  • Falling trees can be deadly! It's an underrated danger, but it doesn't take a tornado or even a severe thunderstorm to knock down trees and tree limbs. Avoid driving or walking in heavily forested areas during thunderstorms - find a sturdy building. If driving and no shelter is nearby, find an open parking lot or field away from trees and power lines that could fall on your vehicle.
  • Take severe thunderstorm warnings seriously. As we saw in late June, severe thunderstorms with damaging winds can create a lot of havoc. Pay attention to any enhanced wording in severe thunderstorm warnings, such as "destructive winds expected."
  • Have a plan. If you have outdoor plans, know where to go for safe shelter if dangerous weather threatens, and know how you will get your severe weather warnings. This is especially true if you're in a vulnerable or remote area such as a campsite.

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