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Volunteer with the Greenheart Club

Take your exchange experience a step further by volunteering with your host community  

Greenheart Day of Service 

  • October 17-19, 2014

  • Celebrate youth in service by organizing a Greenheart Project

  • Learn more about Greenheart Day of Service 

Volunteer with the Greenheart Club

For CCI Greenheart participants, the Greenheart Club:

  • inspires you to volunteer

  • supports you to locate a volunteer opportunity

  • recognizes you with awards, when you enter your volunteer hours in the Greenheart Club

Not on an exchange program? 

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Greenheart Club for: 

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btn_ghc interns and trainees 

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GHC WT Greenheart Member 

"This will be one of my best memories during the Work and Travel program in America. I will cherish it forever; it was my first time to be in a nice American garden and first time to do farm work. Every moment is so sweet and unforgettable during the volunteering time.”—Lulu, WT Greenheart Club Member 2013