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CCI Greenheart's English Language Academy offers an intensive English summer school program for students 13-18 on beautiful boarding school campuses in a choice of two destinations: New York's Hudson River Valley and Northern California’s Russian River Valley.

Summer English Academy 2014 has ended, but you can sign up now for Summer English Academy 2015! Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for Summer English Academy updates. 


Boarding schools offer all of the amenities of a university (cafeteria, high-tech classrooms, sports facilities, outdoor space) but within a smaller area and safer location outside the city limits.

Students are supervised 24 hours a day by adult  staff. These three to four week summer school courses are led by certified English as a Second Language teachers who offer creative language lessons and recreational activities each week day. 

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  • Why Choose CCI Greenheart? 
  • We values hard work in the classroom but also understands that some of the best learning can come from outside classroom. Students have ample opportunity to put their English skills to the test through interactions with native speakers during off-campus excursions. We understand that many SEA students are preparing to study in the US, as such each program includes a visit to a university campus so students can see first-hand how American university students live and study. At the core of Greenheart’s values is it commitment to community service. In New York and California all SEA students will participate in a Greenheart Volunteer Service Project at a local non-profit organization. Students learn the impact volunteering in a community can make and learn how to apply the concept of community service to their home countries.

  • Participant Requirements 
    • Must be a teenager between the ages of 13 and 18 years old
    • Have studied the English language for a minimum of two years
    • Each participant and parent or guardian must complete an interview (in-person, or via Skype or phone) with a CCI Greenheart representative prior to acceptance to the summer camp
    • Must be willing to abide by CCI Greenheart Code of Conduct

  • SEA is all inclusive! Both programs include: 
    • Residential accommodation (double occupancy) on a boarding school campus located in safe neighborhoods outside of the city center
    • 24-hour supervision by CCI Greenheart staff
    • Three (3) meals per day
    • 16 hours per week of English as a second language (ESL) classes
    • All ESL course books and learning materials, pillow, bed linens, and bath towels
    • Full day excursions each weekend (4 on 3-week program and 6 on 4-week program)
    • One mid-week, off-site excursion per week
    • Daily activities on campus
    • Greenheart Community Volunteer projects
    • Accident and medical insurance
    • Certificate of Completion provided at end of the summer program
    • Airport transfers on arrival and departure days provide arrival or departure time is between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
    • Visa support letter, if applicable

  • Price: Dependent on Location and Length of Program 
  • SEA Califronia is a 3 week program, which costs $3,800. SEA NY is offered as a 3 week and a 4 week program. For 3 weeks the program costs $3,900. For 4 weeks the program costs $4,600. Both SEA programs are all inclusive! A $500 deposit is required upon acceptance to the program; this includes a $75 non-refundable in order to reserve space on the program.

    International airfare and any fees associated with obtaining a passport and visa are the responsibility of the participant. 

  • About the classes 
  • ESL Summer Camp_teacher and studentEach SEA program offers 48 hours of English classes (16 hours per week). Students test in to an English level on the first day of class. Students can be beginners, intermediate or advanced levels. There are 12 students max in each class. Reading, writing, speaking and listening lessons are all incorporated into class lessons although conversational English is heavily incorporated into the curriculum.

    Our ESL teachers are native English speakers that have taught English for at least 2 years, have experience teaching teenagers, and many of them have taught abroad and understand what it is like to learn a new language. As such, they create a fun, welcoming learning environment in which students feel comfortable practicing English, in and out of the classroom. Class lessons, afternoon activities and meal times foster English speaking among the students and teachers and their international peers.

  • Greenheart Volunteer Project 
  • SEA_greenheart project volunteersSEA provides one English class centered on the topic of community service to teach students:

    • what it means to give back to one’s community
    • why service is important
    • how to participate in community service

    Students are then given the opportunity to put what they learned into action! Students contribute to the host community by participating in a Greenheart volunteer community service project. Past projects have included:

    • btn_Volunteer with Greenheart Clubvolunteering at a state park on trail restoration
    • gardening on a community farm to learn about organic farming and healthy eating habits


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